FRUO is a Fully Authorized Retail & Enterprise Dealer for DJI Products & Services

First Resonder UAS Ops, LLC (FRUO) Services the Public Safety Industry (Fire, Police, SWAT, SAR & other First Responders & Emergency Services) and Corporations seeking high quality Drone Videos & Stills for Corporate Events.

FRUO carries a full-line of DJI Enterprise level ' FLIR' infrared capable drones that aid the Public Safety Industry. Additionally, FRUO carries products that support the Public Safety
Industry efforts with industry specific products (command & control communication units with 1080p displays for the on scene commander or command & control center; secure hands-free long-range wireless intercom systems supporting 2-10 personnel; FAR Part §107.29 night-time drone illumination systems; high-powered 15,000-lumens LED scene
lighting; Honda EU2200i clean power inverters capable of supplying the entire operation with 'clean, computer-grade-power,' drone tethering systems that enable unlimited overhead 'loiter time' on scene and/or overhead a target; and dedicated response teams manned & ready to deploy fully-equipped with requisite FAA blanket waivers

Richard Lucas-MacGibbon, System Chief Pilot
+1 (775) 443-6507 Direct Cell# (voice & SMS text)

Drone Pilot (FAR Part §107); Night Waiver (FAR Part §107.29); Level 1 - Public Safety Thermographer;

AS Degree in Aeronautics from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA;

BS Degree in Aeronautics & Business from San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, CA;

AA Degree in Casino Management, College of Southern Nevada (CSN), Las Vegas, NV, (with an emphisis in Accounting, Finance, Business Law & Business Management);

Retired 7-Year US Air Force Pilot (T-41, T-37, T-38, C-141B) & Retired 37-Year Major Airline Pilot (DC-8-63F,
B-727-100F, B-727-200F, B-727-200F Valsan, B-747-100F, B-747-200F, Airbus A-310-200F, A-310-300F & A-300-600F);

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP); Commercial Privileges Single & Multi-Engine Land;
TYPE RATINGS: (LOCKHEED) L-300, (BOEING) B-727-100, B-727-200, B-727-200 Valsan, & (AIRBUS) A-310-100F, A-310-200F, A-310-300F and A-300-600F;

Certified Flight Instructor - Single & Multi-Engine Land (CFI) (Dormant);

Advanced Ground Instructor Instruments (AGII) (Basic, Advanced & Instrument); and

Flight Engineer - Turbojet.